Are you wondering how technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence, super materials, bio-informatics and other innovative inventions will impact your life in the future? If the answer is yes, you landed on the right page.

I’m on a mission to explore the future realities for you and for everyone else who needs to know, born out of curiousity or because you want to anticipate on what is coming. Developments in tech and science are increasingly complex and therefore it becomes more difficult to seperate the sheeps from the goats.

Sheeps are innovations that are ‘nice to have’, or ‘fun to have’, but likely do not turn the world up-side-down. Such as fishbowl-lenses. Perhaps a wrong example..

The goats though, are innovations, often technological, that have the potential to change our future forever. For the better – or the worse. These goats are an interesting subject for further exploration, because who are their inventors, what are their intentions, and do they have an actual plan for the future?

My mission is to explore innovations that will impact our future. My vlog Lou2TheFuture will be launched soon. Stay tuned!



Tech Vlogs

LOULOU’S LAB for Albert Heijn

Happy to announce the first Tech Vlog is live! Now at Appie Today: Loulou’s Lab. In Loulou’s Lab we’re exploring the future of our world and the supermarket: from sustainability, virtual reality, automation by robots, till food innovations and big data. In this first episode, I’m exploring a futuristic way of farming: vertical farming. Can it reduce the 25% of food waste that is now lost in the supply chain, from producer to consumer?  www.appietoday.nl/bekijk/loulous-lab

On this website you’ll find Tech Vlogs in which I’ll take you on a journey through innovations in both the private and the public sector.  Most video’s are in Dutch. The Lou2TheFuture Vlog will be entirely in English

Contact us if you think your business or institute has an interesting innovation for us to feature in a Tech Vlog.

Contact us if you think your business or institute has an interesting innovation for us to feature in a Tech Vlog.Save




Loulou Van Ravensteijn is an environmental engineer, TV presenter/maker and a business consultant for neural network technology and big data. With a lifelong passion for impactful technologies of the future, her studies began at the University of Amsterdam with a degree in Political Science and Future Planet Studies. A masters in Urban Environmental Management (environmental engineering degree) and Business Administration followed at Wageningen and Imperial College London, while she is also a Climate KIC alumni from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Her career has since involved working with leading tech startups in London (Entrepreneur First and Deep learning Tech company Tractable) where she was able to further her understanding of the world of tech businesses. Loulou is dedicated to rigorously exploring the best application for innovation, so that technology can provide systemic change to improve living conditions. She has a deep passion for city dynamics, air quality measurements and sustainable industry processes. Her current aim is to function as a bridge between technological experts and the general public.

Vlog: Lou2TheFuture

Are you wondering what technological developments will impact your life in the future? So am I.

I will go on a mission. For you and for everyone who is curious to the future. I will find out what inventions are important for our life on this planet, so we can better anticipate. Sometimes tech is complex and hard to understand, but I will try to make it understandable for everyone.

Who is inventing what and why. Is there an actual plan for the future?

Will be launched soon!



Improving Indoor Air Quality

To improve the air quality in offices located in polluted cities such as London and Hongkong, Loulou and her co-founder Yuki built the AirQuality Clock, a distributed sensor-network AirReader and design installations with air filtering plants, called HarryThePlant. Because indoor air pollution levels are not static but fluctuate over time, Loulou argues for continious indoor air quality measurements and predictive modelling of pollution patterns. More information can be found on www.aetherair.co

IoT playground

Furthermore, Loulou organises the IoT playground, a monthly gathering for the data scientists of Xomnia BV to work on Internet Of Things projects.