Loulou Van Ravensteijn is an environmental engineer, TV presenter/maker and a business consultant for neural network technology and big data. With a lifelong passion for impactful technologies of the future, her studies began at the University of Amsterdam with a degree in Political Science and Future Planet Studies. A masters in Urban Environmental Management (environmental engineering degree) and Business Administration followed at Wageningen and Imperial College London, while she is also a Climate KIC alumni from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Her career has since involved working with leading tech startups in London (Entrepreneur First and Deep learning Tech company Tractable) where she was able to further her understanding of the world of tech businesses. Loulou is dedicated to rigorously exploring the best application for innovation, so that technology can provide systemic change to improve living conditions. She has a deep passion for city dynamics, air quality measurements and sustainable industry processes. Her current aim is to function as a bridge between technological experts and the general public.